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Bread Roll stuffed with purple red sweat potato


Beni Imo Anpan


If you have not eaten Beni Imo Anpan 紅芋あんぱん (bread roll filled with purple red sweat potato) made and sold by Tomi-no Panya トミーのパン屋 (Tommy's Bread) yet, we believe you should try it right away.


Tommy's Bread is located in the south-northern area of Ishigaki island between Yamabare 山原 and Yonehara 米原. You have to drive your car down from the prefectural road into narrower unpaved road toward the ocean. At the end of this not-so-good conditioned road there are the parking space and the small shop of Tommy's Bread.




The shop sells various type of bread such as white bread, rye bread, whole wheat bread, sourdough, baquette, bagel, epi, etc, however, the quantity of each bread is not so many. So it causes customers easily miss their favorate one. 


We went to the shop for the first time in several months and were lucky enough to be able to buy the Beni Imo Anpan like the picture above.


If you plan to drive around the island or to visit Kabira Bay or Yonehara Beach, why don't you stop by at Tommy's Bread.