Ishigaki MANGO


Mangoes and their trees grown in a vinyl pipe house

Mango season almost sets in

The queen of the tropical fruits - mango - is highly recommended in Ishigaki jima (Ishigaki Island) together with pineapples around this time of the year. The mango season will almost set in. 


How much is mango?

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow mangoes on the island of typhoon. Farmars need to grow mango inside a vinyl pipe facility to protect trees and fruits mainly from strong wind. Normally, over 2,000 hours in a year are necessary for farmars to spend to take care of mango, which explains relatively higher costs of this product. In Okinawa, it will cost over ¥2,500 on average.



Ripe mangoes on sale at farmer's place




The price of mango will vary accoding to its size, appearance, and weight. A small size mango is aound 400 ~ 500 grams, medium size; 500 ~ 700, large one; 700 ~ 900. The most common type of mango grown in Okinawa is Apple Mango, which has sweat and sour taste with strong aroma.


Where can you purchase it?

There are basically three ways to buy mango in Ishigaki. One way is at several market store near downtown. The JA Farmars' Market "Yuratiku Market" is the most popular such place. It is located near the city government office and around the corner from Guest Room Arun Ishigaki.



The second way to buy mango is directly from mango producers at their farm lands. Around ten farmers out of thirty mango farmers in Ishigaki will sell their mango directly at their fields. It is normally believed to be the cheapest way to buy the fruit.


The last way to get it is to place an order with mango farmers. The order can be made by phone call or fax. You may place an order through website. Each farmer ships mango in a card box with great care through JP or other shipping companies. Shima-Ka-Ya 島果屋 is one of such farmers, where you can order the fruit.

Shima-Ka-Ya is a mango farm at Nosoko


When can you buy it?

The harvest of mango will start late June and end in July and it will be no mango on sale in August. So you need to come to the island around that time for fresh mango. 


There are some ways to enjoy Ishigaki mango



If you want to enjoy the freshness of mango, taste it as it is or as juice.
Salad or pickles are another options to eat fresh mango.