At Nosoko on the day of Japanese Emperor’s historic abdication


I am now at the north-western part of Ishigaki island called Nosoko 野底. It is well known as the place where Mt Nosoko Mape 野底マーペー is located.


It takes about half an hour from city center by car taking the Omoto Tunnel 於茂登トンネル route. The area that is called Nosoko actually consists of five local communities; Sakae 栄, Kaneshiro 兼城, Tarama 多良間, Shimoji 下地, and  Itona 伊土名.


When approaching the area on a prefectural road “Route 79” from the south, you will be able to enjoy beautiful sceneries of the East China Sea, sugarcane fields, mountainous landscapes, etc.



If you go straight to the north, Fukido River 吹通川 will be seen on your right and the magnificent subtropical mangrove scene appears in front of you. The Nosoko Zaki 野底崎, which is on the opposite side of the road, is also one of popular spots in Nosoko.