Ishigaki Gongen Hall


Haiden, a worship hall 拝殿


Gongen means the appearance of a Buddhist deity in the form of a Shinto deity. 


Constructed in 1614, rebuilt in 1771

Ishigaki Gongen Hall was constructed in 1614 together with Torin Shrine which is located next to the hall. Both Gongen Hall and Torin Shrine were rebuilt after they were hit by a giant Tsunami in 1771.



Honden, a main hall 本殿



The worship hall (Haiden) of Ishigaki Gongen Hall was constructed in the form of traditional Okinawan architechtural style. The red roof tile is placed on the top of the building.



The gates are painted in red color and face the south of the city. Since it is located in the central part of the city, tourists can easily access the place either by a car or by walk. Also, the bus stop is placed in on a roadside in front of the gate.