To-Rin Shrine ~ the oldest shrine in Yaeyama


To-Rin-Ji (Torin Shrine)is the oldest wooden architecture in Yaeyama Island chain. It was first built in 1641 and rebuilt after being torn down in the historical incidents such as the Meiwa Grand Tsunami in 1771 and the Okinawan War happened in 1945.



People in Ishigaki often pay a visit to the shrine for various reasons. Parents bring their children when they reach 3 years, 5 years and 7 years old respectively in order to pray for the children's health and happiness.




The bell tower of To-Rin shrine

The priest at the shrine regulary ring the bell in the morning and evening. On the first day of a new year, people in Ishigaki come to the place in order to cerebrate the new year and ring the bell.




A Banyan tree





Okinawa's oldest wooden sculptures of Nioh statutes are designated as cultural properties of Okinawa Prefecture.



Fortune-telling papers drawn by visitors are being tied to the branches of trees at the shrine.




To-Rin-Ji is a shrine which is located in the central area of Ishigaki City. It takes about 8 minutes by walk from the bus terminal or the ferry terminal. From New Ishigaki Airport, it takes about 30 minutes by taxi or a rental car.